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The Best Answer in Ministry

The Best Answer in Ministry

Working in God’s Field comes along with an experience of constantly asking people, can you please help with this or that; and over the years I have come to realise just how exciting it is to hear the the Best Answer: “yes please, when can I start”

Jesus went through the same situation in Ministry.

We read that He called 12 disciples. Well read again.
Maybe their names were mentioned because they were those who responded with this “Best Answer”

A certain ruler could not follow Jesus because of His riches – Luke 18:21,22

Can you imagine that even with the disciples, onetime one person asked if he could go and bury his father before following.

Another disciple also asked if he could go and say bye to his family before they embark on missions

Ow my, you should check Jesus’ responses in Mat 28:22 and Luke 9:60

Tell your neighbour: SERVE GOD NOW; NOT TOMORROW.

When God comes to ask you, can you do this for me, I advise you to simply ask Him:
“Lord, Please when can I start?”

You are Chosen for a Great Future

Stay blessed!!

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