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Shine Everywhere You Go


I have a personal philosophy – To impact wherever I am

I learnt this from the Word of God – Mat 5:14

I challenge you today! Be a light that shines, for people to see your good works and bring Glory to God

Be sad if you are merely existing in a place.
If you are just part of the numbers
If you are just there
If you are always waiting to be blessed instead of being a blessing

When your boss or pastor or authority gives you are role to play, it is God giving you an opportunity for Good works.

An opportunity to impact. But some people think if it doesn’t work, they are not at fault.
You are the one to blame; not the one who gave you the work to do

When you are given a role, do everything you must to succeed. That is why you must never take a role until you have prayed about it and gotten heaven’s permission.

Take your role personal and commit to it.
Put in your passion
Put in your resources
Put in your best
Stop seeking acknowledgements and public appreciation

Because God is the ultimate rewarder not men
The good work you do in private will be rewarded openly

Stay motivated

Pastor Bernard
Glow Music

Say this Prayer:
“Father, thank You for being rich in mercy and never giving up on me when I’ve gone my own way and failed.
I want to love the people You have placed in my life as You do.
Help me to be like Hosea, full of grace and mercy to help lift the fallen and restore them to wholeness.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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