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Lay Musician or Full-time Musician

Lay Musician or Full-time Musician

So you want to be rich right? 95% Gospel instrumentalists are poor, and you are on your way to be one of them if you do not apply the steps below.

  1. Work at studios: This is where you make most of your income if you are a full-time musician doing no other job.
  2. Charge only at funded gigs: If you know a program is an outreach or charitable project, do not charge anything more than your actual transport. Be honest and modest. If it is a coporate funded project, please charge.
  3. Value Relationships: Your relationships today will bring you money tomorrow. So do not be in haste to destroy relationships because of money.
  4. Help upcoming artists: Make sure you bond with upcoming artists, because when they make it, you will be the one to play for them.
  5. Respect your pastor: He carries blessing in his mouth purposed for your life. Never allow him to complain about you. If you have any concerns, let him know through the right channels.
  6. Do not charge to play at church: Remember that you are first a christian before a musician. Without playing, you must be in church as a Christian. If you are not a full-time worker in the church, the right thing to do is to get a job. Preserve your dignity by finding a job and worship with your skill at church.
  7. Listen to Wisdom not Friends: In proverbs 1:20 wisdom calls out to people but they don’t listen. Pay attention to God’s word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, not friends. If you follow what others are doing instead of God, you will lose your life eventually. Life is too precious to gamble with.
  8. Never lose your identity: Who are you? Never let your abilities cause you to lose your identity. “I am a child of God, bought by the blood of Jesus Christ.”
  9. Riches goes beyond money: Proverbs 10:22 makes us understand that the blessing of the Lord makes us rich. Money does not make one rich, blessing does.
  10. Keep a Good Name: What do people know you for? A money-hungry drummer, guitarist or pianist? A complainer or disloyal greedy musician? A late comer who cannot be trusted? A play boy who starts taking contacts of ladies in any group he joins? An inconsistent individual who cannot be depended on for any project without issues coming up?

This is your life! You need to sit up and carefully look through these points again and again. If you can pass even 70% of them, know that you are blessed and riches will never elude you.

If you have shortcomings, please make a turn around and take the right path.

God bless you

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