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Increase Through Fasting

Increase Through Fasting

There are incredibly many benefits of fasting which lead to your Increase.

Isaiah 58:8,10b,11

  • your light will break forth as the morning
  • your health will spring forth speedily
  • your righteousness will go before you
  • you will see the glory of God.
  • your light will rise in obscurity,
  • your darkness will be as the noonday:
  • God will guide you continually
  • He will satisfy your soul in drought,
  • He will fatten your bones till you will become like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters never fail.
  • Increase Through Fasting
Increase Through Fasting

After all this God continues with more promises; that you will increase to the point where you:

  1.  rebuild cities, businesses and economies
  2. save families and generations
  3. repair and restore legacies

I am sure you did not know all these benefits of fasting. You need to start taking your fasting more seriously and don’t let any fear of ulcer stop you from this big blessing.

But fasting is not just about not eating; you must fast the right way (Is 58:6,7,9,10)

  •  stop all forms of wickedness,
  • remove heavy burdens from your workers,
  • stop oppressing anyone
  • break every yoke you have placed on anyone
  • give food to the hungry
  • give to the poor
  • give out your clothes to those who don’t have,
  • comfort those in difficulty
  • stop accusing people
  • stop speaking wrong things

Your fasting today shall bring you unlimited Increase as you join us today in our fast at Glow Music



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Increase Through Fasting

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