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Service is the Key to Greatness in Music Ministry

Service is the Key to Greatness
Glow Music Ministry
Service is the Key to Greatness in Music Ministry

Service is the Key to Greatness

The Message of The Kingdom

Jesus’s Message through which the Church was natured, has been changed over the years.

Jesus’s message was about the Kingdom of God on earth, not just about salvation.

Christianity is not a brand or a Tag;
Proper Christianity is about living Kingdom Life on Earth

Without the message of the Kingdom, salvation is incomplete.

Salvation only initiates you into the Kingdom; when you enter, there is the Culture of the Kingdom which you must learn.

This culture is revealed clearly through Jesus Teaching and His Life lived.

Go by the Culture of The Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Characteristics

Every Kingdom has it’s characteristics. The Kingdom of Satan is characterised by what is found in John 10:10 –

  • Stealing
  • Killing
  • Destroying

Wherever you find these, it means that the Kingdom of Satan is operating around there.

  • One characteristic of The Kingdom of God is The Provision of Life (John 10:10). If you are a citizen of God’s Kingdom, then wherever you enter, Life must arrive there. Lazarus must arise, in the same way your company, your family, your finances, your body, must come back to life in Jesus’ Name.
  • Another Chacateristic is Lightor illumination. This is seen in Gen 1:3, John 9:5, John 14:6 and also in Mat 5:14. This light in some circumstances can be wisdom, understanding or revelation.
  • Another Characteristic is also Truth – John 14:6. What is factual is not necessarily the truth. Tuth is absolute in this case not related to public opinion. Truth is what God says is Truth.

There are many other characteristics of the Kingdom of God but our focus today is not on Kingdom Characteristics.

Kingdom Obligations and Benefits

Every Kingdom also has obligations and benefits or Citizen rights. This is called the Laws and Promises of God. There is a law attached to every promise. So to effect a promise in your life, you need to locate the concomitant law.

e.g. if you see childbearing as a promise from God, find the law that activates that promise. If you find marriage as a promise, find the law that operates it.

E.g. for the Promise of Financial increase or Riches, the associated laws are

  1. Work – to generate money before it can be multiplied
  2. Giving – to create avenues (men) which God will use to bring you increase
  3. Consistent Tithing – Kingdom insurance policy against the satanic attacks on your finances
  4. Cheerful Offerings –
  5. Rest, not sleep – To shut down avenues of poverty
  6. Diligence– Hard work pays. (Prov 24:27 – prepare your work without, make it fit for thyself in the field, and afterwards build thine house).
  7. Accepting Times and Seasons –
  8. Maximising Opportunities –
  9. Prayer – for financial wisdom and ideas (like in the case of Jacob and Laban)
  10. Humble Service – to attract higher blessings; the purpose of riches is to first and foremost to serve God not to hoard of for sefl benefit.

Therefore be a Servant in The Kingdom

Who is a Servant?

The only way to succeed and to excel in God’s Kingdom, is to be a Servant.

“Servant of God” is a Title supposed to be for every believer; and not relegated to only Pastors.

Dictionary Meaning of Servant

A person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a houseon domestic dutiesor as a personal attendant.

On earth there are only 2 servants. Servants of God and Servants of Satan.

Either you are performing duties to facilitate the Kingdom of Light or Heaven’s Agenda or you are performing duties to facilitate the Kingdom of Darkness of Hell’s agenda.

The only way you can stop being a servant to the enemy is to be an active servant of God.

To be a servant is not easy; because your own flesh will oppose you. In fact without the Holy Spirit in your life, there would be no way to deal with the flesh cos of it’s nature.

You are a Bondservant

A bondservant is a Slave. In Greek it is the word Doulos, which means “one who is subservient to, and entirely at the disposal of, his master; a slave. If you are my slave, your will becomes my command; you are my personal property.

Why are you a Bondservant? You were a convicted criminal, condemned to be a slave of death forever. But a certain man who was able to exercise power over death by the shedding of His precious sinless and priceless blood, came by and offered to pay for you.

You are Jesus’s slave because He bought you. That is why you call Him Lord and Master.

It seems easier for those who were born into physical slavery to understand this

Be a Bondservant

Mark 9:35 – the greatest would become a servant

  • Psalm 105:42 – Abraham His servant
  • Rom 1:1 – Paul a servant of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:1, Tit 1:1)

Being a Servant of God is an honorable position.

Bonservant Benefits

  • Mat 11:30 – Jesus’s yoke is easy and light (not drudgery, streinous, stressful)
  • 1 John 5:3b – His commandments are not grievous (hard or burdensome)
  • Holiness and Eternal life – Rom 6:22
  • Multiplied Possessions and Eternal Life – Matthew 19:29 (one hundred fold)


Be a bondservant of Jesus by yielding all the following to Him

  • Your will
  • Your emotions
  • Your decisions and Choices
  • Your desires
  • Your Time


  • Forgive me Lord for all the times I made me priority over You
  • Help me to make Your will my priority in every aspect of my Life

Song 1

If I have but for a moment
I would give my all to You

I would give my all to You
I would give my all to You
I would give my all to You, Lord
I would give my all to You

Thank You Lord for this moment
Your life You gave for me
My past is now all over
Cos You gave me a second chance

Now I give my all to You
I give my all to You
Yes I give my all to You, Lord
I give my all to You


Song 2

You reign all over the earth
You’re seated on Your Throne
My King, Lord over Heaven and Earth
You reign, You Reign

Over all the Universe
Be exalted all hail The King
My God, Lord over Heaven and Earth
You reign, You reign

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