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Helpers and Weaknesses

I need You

In Genesis 2:18, God makes a statement that it was not good for the man to be alone
In vs 21 n 22, He removes his rib and covers it with flesh

In covering with flesh and not replacing with a rib, God created a weakness
He removed strength and replaced with a weakness

And God found this a very good thing. Why?

Genesis 32:25,31
God needed a weakness in Jacob to stop the wrestling

Some are always wrestling with God
Repent before God sends you a weakness

Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.

What is a Weakness?

Any area of your life or assignment where you need a help.

It is amazing to know that, when Adam woke up, He did not focus on the missing rib
He focussed on the presence of a helper

Key Lesson

– 1. You need a weakness to attract a helper
– 2. You need God sent helpers not man arranged helpers
– 3. A helper can never ever replace God in Your life
– 4. God is your source, a helper is His provision for your life

Who is a Helper?

– Some one to meet you in accomplishing a task
– whether the person is a paid helper or an unpaid helper does not matter, God provided so treat that person right

Without a task, you have no need for a helper

  • A task could be raising a family,
  • Serving in a ministry,
  • Building an organisation,
  • Leading a nation etc

Adam’s task was to keep Eden

Weaknesses are Necessary

There are times that a helper becomes a weakness – like Joab killing Absalom
Because every helper has a weakness

Everyone has a weakness
Everyone who has a Weakness has a strength

Vision and Helpers

So in this month of Trinity, you need to

  • Consider carefully and start treating your helpers well. Particularly your helpers at Glow Music Ministry
  • Be mindful of helpers of the vision and the little things that drive away helpers of the vision
  • Be a helper to attract helpers of the vision
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Helpers and Weaknesses - Teaching by Pastor Bernard Adu-Danso at Glow Music Ministry

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