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God brought you here for a reason


God speaks on Purpose

When God speaks, it goes with action. An example is when Abraham received guests one afternoon and they had a message for Him regarding a son and also concerning Sodom and Gomorrah.

When God speaks, He is asking you to do something; some kind of action is expected. Hence it is important that you work with everything that God has said.

The reason why you are here is most important.

God knows why He sent you to a place.
When God sends you to a place, the reason why He sent you there is what is most important.
It is important to do exactly what God has asked you to go and do than to do what you think is good.

Jesus went to John the Baptist for a reason, not for jokes or for chatting.

God knows why He brought you to Glow Music. It is my prayer that you discover it, and that God grants you the grace to follow every instruction that comes with it in Jesus Name.

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God brought you here for a reason

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