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3 Key Principles for Fruitfulness in Music Ministry

Fruitfulness in Music
Glow Music Ministry
3 Key Principles for Fruitfulness in Music Ministry

Fruitfulness in Music

Fruitfulness is important in the life of every christian

Glow Music is a Music Ministry, not a record Label

A Music Ministry which has a Record Label;

your understanding of what Glow Music is will determine your approach or reactions

Reasons why Glow Music must be a ministry:

  1. Gospel Music is first Ministry before Artistry
    (1 Cor 1:24 – …not in enticing words of Man’s wisdom, but of demonstration of the Spirit and of power); ( 1 Cor 4:20 – Kingdom of God is not in Word but in power)
    – not about show off of musical skill but about impacting or changing lives through divinely empowered music
    – listening to music from a Glow Music Minister must be a divine encounter
  2. Only Matured Music Ministers can stand the test of time in the end-time (the rest will faint or be overwhelmed) – God is mindful of Quality in as much as He wants Quantity – Judges 7:7 – the 300 who passed the test (out of 32,000 – 0.94%)

    2 Pet 3:3 – in the last day scoffed

3 Key Principles for Fruitfulness in Music Ministry

  1. You Must Be Planted – (Ps. 92:13 – those planted in the house shall flourish)
    Every generation has it’s challenge –
    this last generation has peculiar challenges – 2 Tim 3:1-6
    Perilous times: 1. lovers of themselves; 2. covetous; 3. boasters; 4. proud; 5. blasphemers; 6. disobedient to parents; 7. unthankful; 8. unholy; 9. without natural affection; 10. truce breakers; 11. false accusers; 12. incontinent; 13. fierce; 14. despisers of those that are good; 15. traitors; 16. heady; 17. high-minded; 18. lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; 19. form of godliness but denying the power thereof; 20. creep into houses and lead captive silly women

    with focus (especially because of advanced tech.) Years ago you cannot follow more than once master

    We go everywhere yet achieve little because we absorb only a tiny fraction of all that we hear
    we hear but we do not understand

    the only way a plant can be nourished is first to be planted
    (Ps. 104:16 – the Trees of The Lord are full of Sap – energy, vigor)

    Caution – do not plant yourself; be planted by God – He will only prune what He plants (John 15, and will uproot what He has not planted

  2. You must Grow –
    Spiritual Areas of Growth –
    1. Wisdom (be watered by the Word of God) – builds character, brings favor
    2. Understanding or Revelations (Keep hearing The Word) – longevity in ministry,
    3. Faith (faith has levels – determines the size of your miracles)
    4. Hearing God (Obedience – God speaks to doers, not contenders)

    Physical Areas of Growth –
    1. Music Skill – be better than the world in your skill
    2. Work of your hands / business / academics
    3. Relationships – those above, those at par, those below

  3. You Must Be Strong – You cannot bear fruit if you are weak

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