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Glow Music Ministry was born out of a Vision received from God in the year 2013.

In this vision, a talented singer mounted a platform to minister in a large Auditorium filled to capacity with an audience that was eagerly waiting. This singer was very talented and eager to minister; however he was poorly dressed and unfit to mount the platform in that state. The singer was therefore called backstage and clothed with what was best before presenting him back to the stage.

This vision in summary highlighted the state of most music ministers. The desire is there as well as the potential, but inadequate preparation. This explains why there are major dips observed in the Ghanaian Gospel Music scene.

Major research was started within the same year, into finding practical solutions that could help music leaders stand out; hence a ministry was born that would outlive it’s founder and continually raise strong music ministers that will take the world for Jesus in this end-time.

Glow Music Ministry begun operating fully in May 2016 and continues today by the Grace of God.


Our vision is to become a Global Christian Organization which consistently churns out Seasoned Music Ministers and High Quality Gospel Music that impacts lives across different nations and cultures.



  1. To identify talented vocalists and musicians, train and engage them on projects in order to deploy their full potential.
  2. To mentor, groom, record and produce devoted vocalists and musicians who have a calling as music ministers.
  3. To produce inspiring and engaging music that draws people closer to God and propagates the message of the Kingdom of God.
  4. To establish a system where all contributors to quality Gospel Music production remain beneficiaries.