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Total Increase

Let’s take a moment to recap all that we have studied during this month of increase.

We have learnt that Increase comes through the following:

1. Consciousness of Blessing
2. Fasting
3. Praise
4. Work
5. Dreams
6. Opportunities
7. Righteousness
8. Liberal Givings
9. Times of Adversity
10. Divine Seasons
11. Restitution and Recompense
12. Honoring the Anointing and The Anointed

As you reflect on all these topics this last day of October 2018, you are increasing with every blessing in Jesus’ Name.

Thank You Lord God Almighty for bringing me successfully to the close of the month. I experience increase in my life in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I see you increasing more and more


Help me Lord to honor the Holy Spirit throughout my entire life and ministry in Jesus’ Name, Amen

I see you increasing more and more




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