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We have come far by Grace

Background of Glow Music

Glow Music Ministry was born out of a Vision received from God in the year 2013.

In this vision, a talented singer mounted a platform to minister in a large Auditorium filled to capacity with an audience that was eagerly waiting. This singer was very talented and eager to minister; however he was poorly dressed and unfit to mount the platform in that state. The singer was therefore called backstage and clothed with what was best before presenting him back to the stage.

This vision in summary highlighted the state of most music ministers. The desire is there as well as the potential, but inadequate preparation. This explains why there are major dips observed in the Ghanaian Gospel Music scene.

Major research was started within the same year, into finding practical solutions that could help music leaders stand out; hence a ministry was born that would outlive it’s founder and continually raise strong music ministers that will take the world for Jesus in this end-time.

Glow Music Ministry begun operating fully in May 2016 and continues today by the Grace of God.


The last 4 years have been eventful and exhilarating in our quest to fulfill the mandate God has given to us.

By God’s Grace we have had life changing projects namely Breakthrough Praise, Family Praise, Victory Praise and Moments with the King.

In aid of achieving the vision, Glow Music Institute  and Glow Music Records have been birthed to train and record music ministers respectively.


We will like to say a big thank you to all ministry leaders, departments, teams and all other stakeholders who have helped selflessly to ensure that the vision of this ministry is fulfilled.


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