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Rudiment of Music Ministry

Glow Music Institute Graduates
  • A tensed face produces a tensed music note – sounding nasal or shrill and cold
  • A stressed face produces a strained music note
  • A relaxed face gives u the opportunity to let your notes flow beautifully, often with vibrato…

And there is more to learn about body language and how it affects your singing and vocal health.

These basics in vocal health and many more are part of the level 1 course: Rudiment of Music Ministry

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Join us from June 1, for 12 solid weekends.

Choose from a list of different class times

  • Maximum of 5 students per class for optimum attention
  • Video presentations, power point and printed materials and worksheets
  • Supervision and vocal monitoring, exercises, research and discussions etc
  • Graduation and certificates

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Rudiments of Music Ministry



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