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Our Vocalists work on diverse projects with Ministers and Musicians.

Our Vocalists form the largest stream of all our human resource at Glow Music Ministry. Aside singing, some members form part of leadership or play key roles that add to the total success or output of the ministry.

The core responsibility of our vocalists is to provide backing vocals during music projects with ministers. Backing vocals are rendered both during live events as well as studio recording.

Working in this team is a great honour; you get to meet different individuals from different backgrounds. It is interesting to note that majority of our vocalists are praise and worship or music leaders in their various churches.

All Our internal Ministers either start s vocalists or musicians t Glow Music. You re blessed to be  part of this Great Team.

To be a certified vocalist at Glow Music Ministry, you need to go through the following:

  • Attend the Basic Music Ministry School (BMMS or Orientation)
  • Write and Pass Exams from the BMMS
  • Go through Auditioning
  • Pass Interview for Vocalists.

To apply to be a vocalist at Glow Music, kindly follow the link: