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Music Video Submissions

This page is for submitting music videos

The videos taken will be edited and mixed into music videos for communicating the songs produced by the ministry.

Kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Listen to the music track that has been assigned to you
  2. For vocalists, record a video of yourself or let someone take a video of you singing the song as the track plays
  3. For instrumentalists, take a video of yourself playing an instrument, while the track plays.
  4. Do two takes:
    1. First one should have a plain background (so u can stand in front of a plain coloured wall; but make sure your dress colour is different from the wall colour)
    2. Second video can have any nice and lively background – so e.g. on your street, in your living room or workplace or church etc
  5. Make sure you sing whiles the music plays at the same time
  6. After taking the videos, please upload it to google drive and copy the link;
  7. fill the form below and paste the link


Welcome to your Upload Music Video

Paste your google drive link here

Add any notes here

How was the experience?

God bless you!