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Hebrews 2:6-7

6  But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him?

7  Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands:


You are welcome to March 2019. I am glad that we have the opportunity to share these moments together by the Grace of God.


The 3rd month of the Roman Calendar is a time to reflect on the Glory of God and to trust that as you do so, your glory would also manifest.

What is Glory?

Hebrew: kabhod | Greek: doxa

  1. Abundance, Wealth, Treasure, and hence Honour

    In the 49th Psalm, the writer talks about the glory of man; and in most cases he refers to the above descriptions. Also in Genesis 31:1, Laban’s servants accused Jacob of getting all his glory from their father.

    In Matthew 4:8, Satan showed Jesus the glory of the kingdoms of the world in his attempt to deceive him

  2. Honour, Dignity

    In 1 Kings 3:13, God told Solomon that He would also give unto him both riches and honor such that no king of his day could be compared to him;

    Heb. 2:7 shows man being crowned by God with glory and honor and set as ruler over his handiworks.

  3. Splendour, brightness, majesty

    Joseph told his brothers to go and tell Jacob of all his glory in Egypt in Genesis 45:13;

  4. The glorious moral attributes, the infinite perfections of God
    • Isa. 40:5 – the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed (Jesus)
    • Acts 7:2 – God of Glory appeared unto Abraham
    • Jesus is the “brightness of the Father’s glory” (Heb. 1:3; John 1:14; 2:11).

Music Ministry

Glory is two-fold in your work as a minister:

  1. Desire that God’s glory be made manifest whenever you minister in music. Let His presence be felt in the lives of all listeners.
  2. The more God’s glory is made manifest in your ministry, your glory (the value of your music gift) is manifested and you encounter honor.

Understand that to experience this you need to continue to apply wisdom keys such as work, humility, knowledge, faith etc. Check out other lessons from this website.

This month you shall experience:

  • Abundance
  • Wealth
  • Riches
  • Honor
  • Dignity
  • Excellence in Character etc.

The Glory of God shall be made manifest in your life.



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