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GMMO – 014 – Serving Under a Vision

Lesson Outcomes

At the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Understand what serving under a vision means
  2. Know why it is important to serve under a vision

Owning a vision you are part of is a matter of great importance. There is the tendency among us singers or musicians who have creative and innovative minds to walk to the beat of our own drum. The truth is, you won’t reach your full potential as a leader until you learn to serve under a vision or another leader’s vision.

As part of serving under a vision, it is important to respect the leadership of the vision. God calls pastors and leaders to specific ministries for a specific purpose. They have a vision from God to carry out. It is not only your job to serve the vision but your spiritual responsibility.

Knowing the vision isn’t enough. You have to live it, breathe it, embrace it, and meditate on it often.

Reasons why serving another vision prepares you for your own

  1. You learn humility – Great leaders are first great followers. When you’re young, you think you know it all. Submission is the furthest thing from your mind. You have dreams and you want to pursue them but God strategically places young leaders in positions where they learn to submit. It really does prepare you for what he wants you to do. When you submit and serve under a vision, you gain a more realistic view of yourself and your faults. You learn respect. You learn to make others look good rather than yourself. Serving under a vision will prepare you for a future time.
  2. Ministry is hindered without it – When you try and sidestep your a vision by doing your own thing, the ministry of the church is hindered through a lack of concentration. A good leader will ask for your input on things but once the vision of the ministry is established, don’t supplant it by doing your own thing. You may think your way is better, but it’s not. A better option is to pour yourself wholeheartedly into the vision and lead your ministry to do the same.
  3. You gain leadership training – when you serve under another leader, you learn from them. Observe how they handle conflict, how they communicate their vision, how the run their team. These are invaluable lessons for you as you prepare to do this on your own. Without this experience, you’d be lost.
  4. You gain leadership experience with less pressure – serving and leading under someone else is way less pressure than leading on your own. Learn how to lead without the pressure of being fully “in charge”. Leadership can be lonely. Get experience without that pressure.
  5. You learn reality – when I graduated college, I thought having a passion was enough – that God would take care of the rest. I didn’t realize the importance of time management, showing up for work, and injecting passion into the routine. Serving another vision will prepare you for this.
  6. You gain support – I understand some leaders create toxic environments and it’s just not healthy for you to serve under them for too long. But if you’re fortunate enough to serve under a great leader, they can be a source of support and encouragement throughout your life. In order to fulfill a God-sized vision, you’re going to need the help.

As a musician or leader make it your goal to serve with all your might and only speak well of your leader. God is honored by that

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