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Acknowledgement in Christianity

1 Samuel 2:12
Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the Lord.

This scripture is about the sons of Eli, whom the Lord killed for dishonoring the sacrifices.

The translation of “Knew not the Lord” in Hebrew means that They did not Acknowledge God.

This is why they dishonored or disrespected The Lord’s offerings, which attracted curses to their bloodline.

Do you acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Lord over every area of your life?

Or do you see Him only as a savior that you go and meet in the church auditorium and that’s it?

Do not deceive yourself; the only way you can respect God is to acknowledge His Lordship over your life;
and the only way you can respect any Parent, Guardian, Mentor, Leader, Pastor or Boss in your life is to acknowledge their superiority over you.

Help me Lord to Acknowledge your Lordship over my life and to acknowledge the headship of any leader which, You have placed in my life.

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