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Wisdom is The First

Glow Music Ministry - Wisdom is The First

Proverbs 4:7a
Wisdom is the principal thing;

Let us look at the word Principal and infer some meanings from it:

  1. Principal: The first in Order of Importance

    The First Kingdom Key

    The are many keys to succeeding as a Christian such as hope, patience, humility etc. Jesus has said that He would give unto us the Keys of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19). However, it is stated emphatically here that, of all the Keys of the Kingdom, the First is Wisdom.
    Wisdom is the Key that makes all other keys useful.

  2. Principal: An original sum invested for the purposes of interest

    A Seed for a Harvest

    Before you experience a harvest, you need to first plant a seed. Wisdom is the seed needed for your harvest.
    In the year 2019, I admonish you, that as a minister of music in any capacity, be it a musician, a choreographer, a lead vocalist or backing vocalist, you need to hold onto wisdom to experience great success.

  3. Principal: The Most important person or senior in an organisation or group.

    Jesus is The Wisdom of God; the First

    Jesus is the Chief corner stone who cannot be done without. (1 Pet 2:6-8)
    He is the Alpha… the beginning (Rev 1:8)
    He is the firstborn of every creature (Col 1:15)
    He is before all things (Col 1:17)
    He is the head of the Church (Col 1:18)
    He is the firstborn from the dead (Col 1:118)

Christ is Power of God and The Wisdom of God


Father in Heaven, Your word says in James 1:5, that if I need wisdom, I should ask You. Therefore for this year 2019, I ask for Divine Wisdom, so that I can succeed and bring Glory unto Your name.
In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen

God bless you abundantly.



From the Prayer and Bible Study Department of Glow Music


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