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The Purpose and Vision of Glow Music in This Generation


Glow Music Art seeks to support Music Gospel Music Leaders in impacting the globe with their gifts and messages through Mentoring, Management and Productions. By this, it is hoped that The Kingdom of God would be expanded through music.


Glow Music is a Vision that was given in the year 2013.

One night the Ps. B saw the following in a vision:
A talented singer mounted a platform to minister in a large Auditorium filled to capacity with an audience that were eagerly waiting. This singer however was poorly dressed and unfit to minister in such clothing. He therefore called the singer and clothed him with what was more appropriate before presenting back to the stage.

This vision led him to ask a lot of questions about the challenges faced by Gospel Music Leaders and to make an attempt to help solve major dips that he had observed in Ghanaian Gospel Music.

Previously, he had realised that there were so many talented musicians in various churches and yet very few were ever heard of outside their immediate environs. A large number of those heard of too were mostly because of the opportunities created by financial investments and not necessarily because they were the best or most prepared for music ministry.
On the contrary, secular musicians were doing better and reaching far more people with their messages than Christians. There seemed to be so much to be done in redefining and packaging Gospel Music in such a way that would impact beyond the walls of the Church in Ghana

Ps. B began research into finding practical solutions that could help music leaders and to set that pace; hence he formed an organisation that would outlive him and run the vision, called Glow Music. Trials were ran in the year 2014 with Jessie Bruce and Tina Aseye, however it was short-lived, and 3 more years of research had to be done by the help of The Holy Spirit into redefining strategies to run the vision. Activities resumed again in May 2016 and continued till today by the Grace of God.

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