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BP3 Song 3 – My Savior (Aki)

Song 3: My Savior (The Love Pledge)

Author: Ps. B | Minister: Aki


My Savior, Means so Much to Me
Forever, I’ll Love Him, He First Loved Me


1 John 4:19
We love him, because he first loved us.


Who’s is Jesus to You?

  • Different people relate to Jesus in different ways though He was given a clearly stated purpose for man (Mat 1:21). Thus some people can even make jokes or loose end statements about the King of Kings.
  • This song is a love pledge that lays emphasis on how important Jesus is to the believer.

His Act of Love Compels Us

  • Jesus sacrifice on the cross was the ultimate act of love. (John 15:13 – no greater love than a man who can lay down his life for his friends)
  • His act of love thus compels us. (John 4:19 – We love Him because He first loved us)


Kindly Note the following:

  1. Thank God
    • For His love shown through the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins
  2. Pledge Your Love:
    • Sing the song prayerfully and pledge your love to The Lord
  3. Pray for The Team:
    • Pray that God will fill every member of Glow with His love
    • Pray that this love would impact our work for God
    • Pray that the love of God be felt at the program

God bless you in Jesus Mighty Name!

Ps. B


Saturday August 25, 2018
PIWC Sakumono
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God bless you.


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