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Breakthrough Praise III Kicks off at 3.30pm Today

Breakthrough praise 3 comes off today

Psalm 22:3-4
3  But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.
4  Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them.

What is Breakthrough Praise?

Breakthrough Praise 3 is a praise event program instituted as the climax of a season of total praise to God with an earnest desire to see God move in the affairs of man.

There is a kind of Praise that warrants divine breakthroughs as seen throughout scripture and today, God is ready to move in the lives of believers as we gather to praise and worship Him.

What makes BP3 Unique?

This third edition of breakthrough praise comes with exciting blessings:

  1. The Theme: “A Lifting” from Job 22:29 brings hope to any seemingly hopeless situation. Do not miss the theme song.
  2. 16 New Songs: Psalm 96:1 commands us to sing unto the Lord a new song. BP3 comes with 16 new gospel songs by 5 ministers and a wonderful team of vocalists and musicians from Glow Music Ministry.
  3. Chain Ministration: Experience the presence of God via non-stop praise and worship with chain ministrations from various choirs, groups and music ministers.
  4. Recorded Live: Watch out for the videos soon from Breakthrough Praise 3 by God’s grace. You will be glad.
  5. Wonderful Choirs: There are 16 exciting great choirs who will be ministering. You cannot miss this!

NB: The program starts off at 3.30pm sharp with a photoshoot. I wan’t wait to see you there.

God bless you

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