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BP3 Prayer and Fasting Day 4 – Medofo

Song 4: Medofo (Song of Thanksgiving & Praise)

Author: Ps. B & Tyna | Minister: Tyna


Medofo Meda W’ase
– My love, I thank You
Meyi W’ay3ooo, Yesu
– I Praise You, Jesus

Verse 1
S3 me hw3 mi difri ni mifiba mu
– when i see my going out and my coming in
Wahw3 me so eyi mi efiri osai mu
– you watched over me and delivered me from harm
Awurade den na may3 aa, wo d) me Se yi
– Lord, what have I done to deserve such love
Yesu, Aseda s3 wo
– Jesus, You deserve my thanksgiving

Hale-lujah, Wo Y’osaberima
Medofo Me da W’ase
Meyi W’ay3ooo, Yesu

Verse 2
W’agye me nkwa )d) mbroso m3nte ase
– You saved me, overflowing love, unfathomable
W’ash3 me ataadi foforo, ash3 m’anionyam
– You clothed me with righteousness and favor
Ey3 wo nkoaa, na ayeyi s3 wo
– You alone deserve the praise
Yesu, meyi w’ay3
– Jesus, I praise You


Psalm 18:49
49  Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.


Sing the Song Prayerfully and do the following:

  1. Thank God
    • For His love shown through the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins
    • For preserving the wonderful family at Glow Music
    • For unity amongst our ministers and the entire family at Glow; that God would destroy the works of the enemy through our unity.
    • For breakthrough praise 3 and what He is about to do at the program
    • For the general success of all projects
    • For financial breakthroughs for all members to be able to support the work of God effectively
    • For providing every need related to Breakthrough Praise 3

God bless you in Jesus Mighty Name!

Ps. B

Saturday August 25, 2018
PIWC Sakumono
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God bless you.


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